About Us

Aamal Center For Special Needs

Aamal Center is a Qatari public benefit institution established with the aim of working with people with special needs in the educational, behavioral and social fields, in order to ensure their personal independence and the acquisition of the skills they need to live side by side with members of their community.

Amal Center started from an idea based on realistic facts, which is the existence of a large group of children with special needs who do not receive appropriate educational and rehabilitation services, and the suffering of a large segment of parents in finding places to care for these children, whether in regular schools or in educational centers. And he began to set a goal for the center, which is to provide distinguished services that help children obtain their right to education, overcome obstacles and take their place in society.

Dr.Ahmed Abdullah Aliss Autism and special needs specialist

Everyday at Aamal Center is like a blessing with the active students and talented staff members around.

Ahmed Abdullah Aliss — Executive Director
Future Strategy
  • Opening a building for vocational and functional rehabilitation for persons with disabilities who are over 16 years old, and there is an urgent need for that, as there is no center in the country that takes care of people with disabilities for those over 18 years old, and opening outlets for selling student products in coordination with companies and agencies.
  • Opening a kindergarten to integrate children with disabilities with ordinary children in early childhood, and it can be expanded later to become a school.
  • Communicating with government agencies or charities to provide a plot of land to be built as a school for people with special needs.
Our Vision

To be a reputable and reliable special needs center in Qatar providing an integrated approach in all categories of disabilities.

The Message

Providing distinguished programs to serve this group and prepare them to assume their role as active members in society and provide all services that help people with special needs to overcome the points of need and benefit as much as possible from the strengths.