Quality policy

Quality policy at Aamal Center for Special Needs:

Aamal Center for Special Needs is a Qatari institution with limited liability with the aim of working with people with special needs in the educational, behavioral and social fields, to ensure that they achieve their personal independence and acquire the skills they need to live side by side with members of their community.


As part of the Center’s endeavor to be one of the private institutions that provides high-quality services to people with disabilities in the State of Qatar, based on scientific research and continuous work, the Center seeks to achieve the most important standards and efficiency through its commitment to the following:


– Implementing a quality management system to meet the requirements of the international standard or the “ISO 9001:2015” standard, as well as the relevant legal, legislative and regulatory requirements in this field.

– Qualifying and training competent employees and associates capable of carrying out their roles and responsibilities to ensure achieving the vision of the Aamal Center for Special Needs and implementing the quality management system in a distinguished manner.

– Continuously seeking to understand the needs and expectations of people with special needs, their parents, interested parties, beneficiaries, partners, and affiliates of the center, with the aim of gaining their trust and achieving their expectations and satisfaction.

– Establishing a framework to define the center’s quality goals, specifying responsibilities, allocating sufficient resources, and working to follow up on achieving those goals.

– Evaluating the performance of the center’s quality management system periodically for the purpose of continuous improvement and ensuring its efficiency and effectiveness.

– Adopting modern practices in the educational and rehabilitation fields for people with special needs, and working to continuously improve the quality of services and operations provided to them.

– Allocating the necessary resources to ensure business continuity and quality of services.

– Documenting and reviewing the quality policy periodically. According to the procedures in place to ensure their coordination and compatibility with the vision, mission, principles of the Center and its strategic objectives, and ensuring their understanding, dissemination, availability and awareness of them to the Centre’s members, customers and all other interested parties.